Pontoon: The British Version of Blackjack

Pontoon is known to be a British variation in the early days of blackjack's history. Today, pontoon is accepted at large by the blackjack players. Pontoon is commonly available at the online casinos. Even if the game rules of pontoon are basically similar to the blackjack standard games, there are some twists in the rules making the game exciting and challenging to play.

Pontoon is played by at least two players up to the maximum of eight players at the table. These are the general game rules of pontoon:

- Pontoon games are using two decks of cards.

- The players' cards are dealt face up but the dealer's cards are dealt face down.

- Dealers in pontoon must stand on hard hand 17 and hit on soft hand 17.

- Players are required to hit on a hand of 14 or lower.

- Pontoon allows splitting, hitting after splitting, and re-splitting of Aces. Re-splitting is allowed for only up to three hands.

- There is no payout for blackjacks acquired after splitting pairs.

- Doubling down in pontoon is allowed only once for every hand consisting of up to four cards maximum.

- Doubling down after splitting pairs is permitted only once for each hand and hitting after doubling down is also legal.

- There is no surrender option for players in pontoon.

- For instances of a push, the dealer's hand will always win.

- The payout odds of pontoon is three to two and players are not permitted to play with multiple hands.

Pontoon has the following hand value definitions from the highest rank to the lowest:

a. Pontoon - A hand value of 21 that is composed of two cards like an Ace and a Ten-value card such as King, Queen, Jack, or Ten.

b. Five Card Trick - A hand value of 21 or lower that is composed of five cards like Five, Two, Three, Four, and Seven.

c. Three Cards - A hand value of 21 that is composed of three cards. This hand rank in pontoon beats other hands except the hands of pontoon and five card trick.

d. Hands lesser than 21 - A hand value of lesser than 21 that is composed of less than five cards.

e. Bust - A hand value of more than 21.

One game rule that makes pontoon interesting is that you can buy your additional cards or you can avail for the twist where the additional cards are free in cases that you can't afford to buy cards anymore.

If you are interested into playing pontoon variation of blackjack, learning and familiarizing with the game rules is very essential that you will have the idea of what was going on during the game.