Playing the Hard Hands in Blackjack

In the game of blackjack, hard hands are hands that have no Aces. Furthermore, a blackjack hand that has an Ace where the Ace takes a value of one is still classified as a hard hand. You can say that these are called hard hands since they are tougher to play and have a probability to bust.

You should not worry about busting a hard hand when you get one in a game. If you practice basic blackjack strategy you can still bring down the house advantage and not bust these hands. It will only take a few practice sessions for you to commit hard hands strategy to memory. The secret in this situation is not to play blackjack using hunches, which means sticking with basic strategy every for single hand you get.

The first thing you need to do is to compare what cards you have in your hand (i.e. the hard total you currently have) and what the dealer displays as his up card. Your next moves will be based on the information you get out of both sides of the table.

If your hard hand has a total of eight, then the rule for this is to always hit until you get a good total. Moving up to a total of nine, you should double down if you see that the dealer has three to six. If the dealer shows a card not within that range it is recommended that you hit.

Now, here's the blackjack strategy if you have a hard ten. Your first option for this hard hand is to double down that is if the dealer's up card falls within the range of two to nine. Your second option is to hit when the card isn't in that range.

With a hard 11, again, your first option is to double down. Do this only if you see a dealer card within the range of two to ten. However, if your dealer's card comes out to be an Ace your only option is to hit. Let's move up to a hard 12 in blackjack. Your option is to hit if the dealer's card is either a two or a three, you should stand if it is from four to six, and if the card isn't in these ranges you are obliged to hit.

If your hard hand has a total within the range of 13 to 16 your first option is to stand if the dealer's face up card is within the range of two to six. If this isn't what the dealer has it is recommended for you to hit. If your hard hand totals from 17 to 21 your only option is to stand.

It will take a bit of practice to commit all this information to memory. If you use this blackjack strategy for hard hands you can bring down the house advantage in this game.