Counting Cards in Blackjack

Blackjack is notorious among casino aficionados for its unusually high odds of winning for the player. Unlike other casino games which have odds that greatly favor the house, blackjack has odds that give fighting chance to those who are willing to play it.

What is not readily apparent though, especially to those who are not casino aficionados and those who do not frequent casinos, is that blackjack is an extremely beatable game with beatable meaning players can skew the odds to their favor absolutely, provided that one knows how.

When one does know, one can raise the odds of one's winning from the .5 % that favors the house to an approximately 1 % percent favoring the players, practically turning the tables on the casino.

So how does one 'beat' blackjack and in the process, the casino?

This process of beating blackjack revolves around the concept of card counting, the strategy that will be responsible for increasing one's odds.

Card counting is technique in which one takes note of the possible ratio of the number of high cards, cards which are constituted by the faces cards and the aces, in the deck to the number of low cards that are also in the deck. By tracking the possible ratio of the two variables, one will have an advantage over the house.

Since the goal of the game is get close to the target number of twenty-one as close as possible without going over, it is good for a player to have deck which has more high cards than low cards. If a player uses card counting and tracks that this is the case with a particular deck, then it is the best time for the player to play loose as it is likely that the player will achieve success most of the time.

All these tracking, remembering and making of mental notes do not require one to be a genius or have a photographic memory as most believe as card counting involves the use of a technique that lessens the information one has to memorize and to remember.

Card counting systems such as the Hi-Lo system involves the use of points or numbers that will be assigned to each card in the deck. Specific cards will be given specific values so that one only has to add and subtract for every car that one sees in the deck. The sum of the overall computation will tell one whether it is a good time to play loose or to play tight.

Effective a strategy it may be, card counting will not make anyone invincible in blackjack as it is still a gambling game no matter what. What is important to remember is the idea that thourgh card counting, one has the best chances in the casino when one is playing blackjack.