Blackjack Casinos in Arizona

There are a number of casinos or gambling establishments operating in Arizona. The operating hours of most of these establishments are twenty four hours. However, unlike the casinos in other states, Arizona casinos have only been legalized in the 1990s. Another thing that makes Arizona casinos different from the casinos in other states is that the legal gambling age is at least twenty one years old. In other states, the legal gambling age is eighteen years old.

The main focus of our discussion is the game of blackjack. Therefore, what we intend to tackle is the existence of casinos in Arizona that offer blackjack games. Yes, believe it or not, there are actually casinos or gambling facilities that do not house blackjack activities. In this regard, we wish to be of help to blackjack players who are and will be visiting casinos in Arizona. We wish to inform them which of all the existing casinos in this state should they or should they not go to.

The Gila River Casino - Vee Quiva is a blackjack casino located in Laveen, Arizona. It houses a total of twenty eight table games for both poker and blackjack activities. Therefore, we can recommend this place to all blackjack enthusiasts.

The Fort McDowell Casino & Radisson Hotel is another recommended blackjack casino. Located along the North Fort McDowell Road in Fort McDowell, Arizona, this blackjack casino has eighteen tables for blackjack games. Aside from that, this casino also allows blackjack enthusiasts to play video blackjack.

The Desert Diamond Casino does not only house tables for poker and blackjack games, but it also houses several penny slot machines and progressive slot machines. Definitely, this casino is ideal for blackjack fans, poker fans, and fans of slot machines. It is located along the West Pima Mine Road in Sahurita, Arizona.

We also invite blackjack players to try visiting the Cliff Castle Casino. It has fewer blackjack tables as compared with other Arizona blackjack casinos. However, ten blackjack tables can surely accommodate a number of blackjack players already. This blackjack casino is situated along the Middle Verde Road in Camp Verde, Arizona.

The Casino del Sol blackjack casino has more blackjack tables as compared with the Cliff Castle Casino. With twenty tables, this casino will surely be able to accommodate a lot of blackjack players. It is situated along West Valencia Road in Tucson, Arizona.

Other blackjack casinos located in this state include Casino Arizona 101 & McKellips, Casino Arizona 101 & Indian Bend, and Apache Gold Casino.

We also want to inform blackjack players that the casinos in this state that do not offer blackjack games include the Bluewater Resort & Casino, the Crossing Casino, and the Spirit Mountain Casino.